Grey Import Information

Some of the problems associated with grey import products include

No genuine manufacturer warranty Although vendors make claims about warranty cover, Icom (Australia) does not support grey imported products. Often these products will be sent overseas to be repaired, taking weeks, or even months to return to the user. A genuine Icom (Australia) warranty is usually 2 or 5 years in length. Note: Icom (Australia) records all serial numbers and confirms the serial of every unit sent in for warranty repair.

No ACMA approval – Unapproved radios cannot legally be used in Australia. The ACMA has the power to prosecute those who breach the laws associated with Australian radio communications. Prosecution can include harsh fines and imprisonment.

  • Wrong specifications and programming  Icom equipment offered overseas usually differs from Australian versions, and may not be pre-programmed to Australian channels. This can severely affect the performance of the radio, and may also impact on the safety of the user.
  • Missing/Inactive features Missing features may drastically reduce the performance of the unit, and impact on the safety of the user. Other features may need activating by a skilled technician before use, costing the user valuable time and money.
  • Unapproved Power Supplies Power supplies without the correct approval cannot be used legally, and may be an electrical safety and fire risk. Many power supplies also have the wrong voltage and connections.
  • Incorrect/Missing Accessories  Incorrect or third party accessories may be included, and in some instances, accessories may be missing altogether. Third party battery packs can also be a serious safety concern.
  • No Warranty Product Support  Icom (Australia) cannot support grey import products with after sale product support, programming, modifications, spare parts, etc.
  • Possible Forged Product  It has been confirmed that fake Icom products are available. Fake Icom products are generally not made in Japan, and as such, the quality is considerably lower.
  • Wrong Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN)  Many new Icom products now include electronic serial numbers. Grey Import products will not have the correct ESNs, and cannot be supported in Australia.
  • No Re-sale Value Smart buyers will have no interest in grey imports.
  • Customs Confiscation – Customs authorities can confiscate unapproved transmitting devices under certain circumstances.
  • No Product Support – Icom Australia strongly recommends that you contact your original supplier for further assistance if the original serial number has been removed or changed.

This list is intended as a guide to problems with grey imports and should not be seen to cover all possible issues that may arise today and in the future. Please note that Icom Australia are only able to confirm the version of a radio when a genuine serial number is provided. If the serial number has been altered in any way Icom Australia are not able to provide any services to assist with your enquiry.

If you are unsure of whether your product is genuine or a grey import please contact Icom Australia on 03 9549 7500 with the product serial number and the name of the original supplier and we will be able to provide you with more information.

Icom Inc has commenced action against Counterfeit Product Manufacturers.

Icom Incorporated Osaka Japan recently submitted a written warning (cease and desist) to a Chinese manufacturer that is suspected of producing counterfeit Icom products. Icom urges end users not to purchase suspected counterfeit products. Such products will likely not meet type approval requirements, not operate correctly and may also not be safe to use due to not having been engineered and verified according to our strict quality control processes.

We also encourage the reporting of suspected counterfeit products. For further information in identifying genuine Icom radios from counterfeit products, please refer to the link below.
To read the public announcement made by Icom Incorporated, please click on the below link.