Green Procurement

Last Update : June 29 , 2022

Green procurement

The Icom group, in every phase of its operation, takes into account the “conservation of the global environment” and the “protection of human health,” well recognizing that these issues are common to all humankind.
As part of such efforts, we set and comply with the Icom Group Green Procurement Standards to contribute to the efficient use of resources while opting for environmentally friendly parts and materials.

Green procurement standard

We procure parts and materials in line with the Icom Group Green Procurement Standards, which set requirements for parts and material suppliers.
Since they were first issued in 2005, the Icom Group Green Procurement Standards have been revised in response to developments in laws and regulations, industrial standards and social requirements.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, meanwhile, played a key role in developing “chemSHERPA,” a standardized communication tool for chemical substances in products.
This tool is compatible with international standards (IEC 62474, etc.) as well as with relevant laws and regulations in Japan and other countries and is being promoted worldwide by its administrators.
As we designate controlled substances, using the international database IEC 62474DB, we adopted chemSHERPA to keep abreast of developments and subsequently issued the Icom Group Green Procurement Standards 6th Version in January 2022.

We therefore appreciate your understanding and complying with our green procurement standards.

Icom Green Procurement Standards 6th Version 

アイコム  グリーン調達基準  第6版 

Controlled substances

Communication tool chemSHERPA

One of the survey documents to be submitted to the Icom Group is a chemSHERPA file.
A chemSHERPA file is available on the websites of the administrators.

chemSHERPA by JAMP……

*The administrators count downloads to monitor the adoption of chemSHERPA, which is available on its official website.

The latest version of chemSHERPA as of June 2022: Ver. 2.05.00
A chemSHERPA file to be submitted should be based on Ver. 2.05.00 or greater.