Professional communication solution for Municipal Police with Icom LTE radios

Around 60 Municipal Police forces in France are equipped with Icom LTE radios as a new communication device!

The Municipal Police of Saint-Lys, a suburban city of Toulouse explain the reasons that pushed them to adopt the new ICOM LTE communication device: Our old system, which consisted of conventional radios with relays, did not allow us to work safely throughout the territory.” They had recognized the limit of communication range due to the distance and topographical reasons ― the lack of reactivity in cooperation among other municipal police forces, unstable audio quality with intermittent cutouts and difficulty in the deployment and programming of its old communication system. The budgetary aspect was also one of their concerns with the old system.

Why did the Municipal Police choose the ICOM LTE solution?

Rapid deployment without radio repeater stations

Another municipal police force from Fontenilles explained the simple setting of this system. As the Icom LTE radio solution works on the LTE (4G) / 3G networks of the different mobile operators, it was not necessary to install radio repeaters. Setting up of the terminals was also very simple, via wireless programming.

A cost-effective solution

The Municipal Police also indicate that the Icom LTE system is very advantageous from a price point of view: "We have opted for this solution ... less expensive than other systems considering the efficiencies of Icom LTE system." Indeed, the cost of the Icom LTE solution is transparent:

  • No fees; “No need to pay for use of a frequency every year"  
  • An attractive tariff of the material; “It allows us to have a good number of radios within a budget"
  • An operation with a simple phone type subscriber; “As we are already familiar with payment of our mobile phone subscription, it wasn’t a big problem for us to consider such subscription fees for our radios.

Unlimited coverage within the territory

The uniqueness of the Icom LTE solution is its national coverage and reach throughout the territory of operation. The Icom LTE solution, operating on a multi-operator private network, allows police officers to benefit from seamless communication on all their trips no matter where they are. The police said “With this system we no longer have any problems regarding limitation of coverage. We are not limited in terms of distance to get in touch with our colleagues."

In case of emergency, each user can be informed almost immediately, thanks to the broadcast communication of Push-To-Talk (PTT) exchanges.

Interoperability with the police

Another advantage of Icom LTE radio is to create a common network with other municipal police forces. A common network makes it possible to ask the help from other Municipal Police forces if necessary.

A lot of very easy-to-use features

The Municipal Police thinks that the audio quality of Icom LTE radio is superb. "Much more audible than with conventional radios." Regarding the calling features of the Icom LTE system, it is stated: "We have many possibilities, recording options if we miss communications, and also several possibilities of conferences or individual calls. Being a fan of the Icom LTE terminal, the users are confident to recommend this equipment by its usefulness, reliability, robustness, and practicality on a daily basis. The radios are light and waterproof, which allow us to hold a patrol day without any problem."

A scalable system with geolocation: "LTE Tracking" software

The fleet tracking software developed by Icom France makes it possible to “geolocate users and intervene. When there is a need for reinforcement, a quick and precise location of an agent is essential. The municipal police introduced the software and set up this geolocation system with the other municipalities to see in real time where colleagues with a problem are.”


Please also visit the website of Icom France and see the video on the Icom France YouTube channel.