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Satellite PTT radio does not have any dead spots during any disaster.


Grasping important disaster information was delayed.
Because of power outages, communications were rendered unusable, and there were some areas left out of the information loop.

Conventional emergency radios could not be used.
In case of power outage, they prepared a diesel-powered generator for emergency radio repeaters. However, when a huge typhoon hit the area, they were not able to reach it to supply fuel due to the destroyed roads.

They wanted an efficient way of communication.
The municipality is spread over a wide area and they wanted to efficiently share information to the whole area.

If they go to an evacuation shelter, they can send and receive information.
They built a communication system that can link evacuation shelters and the headquarters for disaster control.

Communication becomes available regardless of the state of terrestrial network infrastructure.
Even in a severe disaster, a reliable means of communication is obtained.

Rapid information sharing is available to anywhere in the city.
The broadcast system conveyed information quickly and efficiently.

When only IP radios are available…
If communication infrastructure such as repeaters are destroyed, communications is rendered unusable and the spread of disaster information becomes delayed.

When only land mobile radios are available…
The coverage area is narrow and they cannot communicate with distant evacuation shelters.

When using satellite phones…
Satellite phones can cover whole areas in the city, but since it is not “One-to-Many” communication, the information is not shared timely. 

When using satellite PTT radio…
Even in a severe disaster, the satellite PTT radio works without any problem from anywhere on the earth. “One-to-Many” communication is efficient for timely sharing of emergency information

Favorable reviews from on-site teams...

We were able to build an information sharing system that is reliable even in a disaster beyond our expectation.

A huge typhoon struck the city, and cellphones and emergency radios could not be used

In September, 2019, a huge typhoon struck Minami-Bousou City, Chiba Prefecture. We lost all means of communication since power and telephone lines were completely damaged. We had prepared a diesel-powered generator for emergency radio repeaters but because roads were destroyed, we could not deliver fuel to the place where the generator was installed. As a result, communications were disrupted, and we were stuck in the situation where we could not grasp the actual state of damage.

Land mobile radios and IP radios were deployed. Also, some Satellite PTT radios in important areas.

After the serious disaster, we reconsidered our means of communication. We decided to deploy several types of handheld radios that can be used in a disaster and power outage, to the right places. First, a community center, evacuation shelters, and a volunteer fire department are equipped with the IC-DPR7SBT land mobile radios that do not require repeaters. The communication range is about 5 km (3 mi). Second, the leaders of the volunteer fire department are equipped with the IP502H PoC radios that have nationwide coverage using an LTE network. Third, a community center and a commander of the volunteer fire department are equipped with the IP700 hybrid radios that provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks and conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode. Lastly, the most important bases, such as headquarters for disaster control or distant evacuation shelters, are equipped with the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radios that do not require repeaters and covers the entire earth, including both poles, and can provide wide area global communications anywhere on the planet*. Those bases always have to share information in any disaster and that is why satellite PTT radios are deployed.

* Depending on the radio contract. Also, depending on the country or region, carrying and/or use of the IC-SAT100 may be prohibited.

Satellite PTT radio is a highly reliable means of communication.

The IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio does not depend on terrestrial network infrastructure, and therefore is highly suited for both normal use and even in disasters. Wide area global communications have many merits. The previous satellite phones we used to use did not have stable communication, but the IC-SAT100’s communication is steady, and the audio output is very clear. With the satellite phones, we used to make a call to each person. However, we expect that the IC-SA100’s one-to-many conversation style enables immediate information sharing and quick correspondence. To take thorough measures for emergency communication, the IC-SAT100 is the ideal tool.

Communication System Diagram

Deployment Result

  • Satellite PTT Radio IC-SAT100: 19 units
  • Handheld Digital Land Mobile Radio IC-DPR7SBT: 99 units
  • IP Radio IP502H: 24 units
  • Hybrid IP Radio IP700: 40 units

*IC-DPR7SBT, IP502H and IP700 are Japan domestic models.

About Minami-Bousou City, Chiba Prefecture

The city is located at the southern end of Bousou Peninsula, and its area is approximately 230 km2. The climate is oceanic temperate, and is rather warm in winter and cool in summer. The city is rich in natural resources with many green areas and flowers each season, and has historical remains, temples, and shrines of ancient times to modern times.

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