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Improved Communications and Increased Flexibility and adaptability of an IDAS communication system in a remote mining environment

Regis Resources Ltd, a gold production and exploration company who manage mines all over Australia and Africa, saw the need to improve and set the foundations for future communication across one of their Western Australia mines. Icom Australia and Comm Systems worked with Regis Resources to set up a robust network to support their communications requirements.

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Improved Communications and Increased Productivity at MECCA Brands

A national retailer sought to improve communications between all staff with the aim of creating a personalised shopping journey for each customer. Mecca Brands, a growing Australian retailer with 76 stores across the nation approached Radio Warehouse, to im­prove the communication flow between their staff. The customer’s objectives included improving floor staff and back of house communication, managing loss prevention and creating a seamless individualised customer journey. Icom Australia’s solution was the IP100H advanced radio system which exceeded Mecca Brands requirements.

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Ensuring Legal Compliance for Drone Operators

RPAS Training and Solutions contacted Sphere Communications who are specialists in drones, weather monitoring equipment, robotics and communications equipment to provide an airband radio which is a mandatory requirement for trainees to have and use as part of their training course structure and to monitor air traffic in the area. Most importantly, the radio supplied needed to be ACMA Type approved to meet the strict guidelines in the Australian airband industry. The IC-A15 ensured all business and legal requirements were addressed as well as being simple to operate and water resistant.

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Integrating a Communications System with Greater Reliability, Security and Flexibility.

Radio Warehouse in conjunction with Mining Vision designed a customised Radio Communications Solution for their client to improve the safety and security of workers in their harsh working environment. The existing communications were limited to a cabled network however after implementing Icom’s IP100H communication system the client was able to satisfy their requirements for a system that operated on a 5Ghz wireless network, included full duplex audio and recording capabilities that would provide them with a greater level of reliability, security and flexibility.

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The Evolution of Communications at Nissan Motorsport

Nissan Motorsport, approached Icom Australia to partner in providing innovative and reliable communications. Challenges of implementing such a system included, guaranteeing the system works both on and off the track. Icom Australia equipped Nissan Motorsport with an analogue radio system that withstood the demanding conditions of V8 motorsports. In 2015 Nissan Motorsport installed Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System, a customised solution which ensured secure radio communications that could be easily installed on their existing wireless. Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System has provided consistent, clear and reliable communications in all racing environments.

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lcom Australia: Providing Reliable Communications to Secret Kitchen Restaurant

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the Secret Kitchen Restaurant approached an Icom dealer to supply a solution to meet the intense demands faced on a daily basis in the restaurant. The objective was to achieve instant, reliable and seamless communication and ensure that it was virtually invisible to customers in their multi-level complex. Icom Australia’s solution, was the revolutionary IP100H advanced radio system which met and exceeded all of Secret Kitchen’s business requirements.

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lcom Australia: Providing Reliable Communications Fourteen Days on the Bass Strait

A team of four Sea Kayakers (Mike Collister, Hew Roberts, Mark Tait and Pete Nidd) approached lcom as their preferred choice of radio communications supplier for their fourteen (14) day expedition across the Bass Strait. In March 2015, the modern day explorers paddled self supported across Australia's infamous Bass Strait.
All camping equipment and food supplies were kept in the hatches of their individual sea kayaks.

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Providing Reliable Communications and Innovative Solutions to an International Fashion Retailer

An international fashion retailer approached Icom Australia as their preferred choice of radio communications supplier for their international expansion into the Australian market. Icom Australia designed a system to provide reliable radio communications across the entire store, including their multi-story buildings.

Icom Australia's system comprised of their revolutionary IP Advanced Radio System.

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Providing Reliable Communications in Mission Critical Emergency Situations: Royal Adelaide Hospital

A two-way radio communications system is critical for emergency use and when the Royal Adelaide Hospital was experiencing ‘blankspots’ in their communication system, the hospital decided their existing radio equipment was not functioning adequately.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital worked with Tetracom to introduce Icom’s IDAS™ system to build and update the hospitals communication system.

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Expanding radio communications coverage over hectares of land: TarraWarra Estate

TarraWarra Estate, one of Victoria’s great wine estates, were experiencing insufficient coverage from its existing UHF system leading to growing concern over potential Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues. TarraWarra Estate approached AA Radio, a dealer of Icom Australia, to design a two-way radio communications system that would alleviate coverage issues and provide reliable communications across the entire estate. AA Radio implemented Icom’s IDAS™ system to improve coverage across the entire TarraWarra Estate.

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