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IC-41S/W: When I press the PTT key to activate the transmitter, the transceiver continues to transmit until the PTT key is pressed again.

The PTT hold function has been activated. You can deactivate the PTT hold by performing the following steps:
1. Turn the transceiver off.
2. While holding the PTT key down, turn the power back on. The display will momentarily indicate P-HOLD OFF.

IC-400PRO: Scan will not start.

The microphone needs to be in the mic hanger for scanning to commence.

IC-400PRO: Scan stops very often without receiving a signal.

Please set the SQL level to 120 or more to prevent this, as the IC-400PRO SQL is very sensitive.


IC-M801E: On connecting a GPS to the transceiver, why are there no co-ordinates displayed?

Please ensure that the Self ID or the vessel’s MMSI number has been entered/programmed into the Transceiver. GPS co-ordinates should now be displayed.


IC-A110: Why is there is no receive audio through the internal or external speaker?

Please check and confirm that the speaker output control setting is turned ON:

Push and hold [ SQL ] for 1 sec.

Rotate the dial to select “SP ON”

Push [ SQL ] to return to the previous mode