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  • MXA-5000


Advanced collision avoidance with real-time vessel traffic information

  • Dual Channel Simultaneous Receive (Receives both class A and B AIS data)
  • Dual Mode Data Output for Flexible Connectivity (RS-422 radar/chartplotter connection*, RS-422C PC connection**)
  • Built in Antenna Splitter with Protection Circuitry (The MXA-5000 shares the antenna, no splitter or 2nd VHF antenna required) Icom GPS Input for Data Multiplexing (Allows GPS and AIS data to be multiplexed for easy connectivity)
  • Compact Size and Low Power Consumption
  • Works with all Icom VHF marine radio‚Äôs, and any other VHF marine radio

    **Third Party AIS plotter software required, such as: ShipPlotter:


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