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Providing Reliable Communications and Innovative Solutions to an International Fashion Retailer

An international fashion retailer approached Icom Australia as their preferred choice of radio communications supplier for their international expansion into the Australian market. Icom Australia designed a system to provide reliable radio communications across the entire store, including their multi-story buildings.

Icom Australia's system comprised of their revolutionary IP Advanced Radio System.

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Providing Reliable Communications in Mission Critical Emergency Situations: Royal Adelaide Hospital

A two-way radio communications system is critical for emergency use and when the Royal Adelaide Hospital was experiencing ‘blankspots’ in their communication system, the hospital decided their existing radio equipment was not functioning adequately.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital worked with Tetracom to introduce Icom’s IDAS™ system to build and update the hospitals communication system.

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Expanding radio communications coverage over hectares of land: TarraWarra Estate

TarraWarra Estate, one of Victoria’s great wine estates, were experiencing insufficient coverage from its existing UHF system leading to growing concern over potential Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues. TarraWarra Estate approached AA Radio, a dealer of Icom Australia, to design a two-way radio communications system that would alleviate coverage issues and provide reliable communications across the entire estate. AA Radio implemented Icom’s IDAS™ system to improve coverage across the entire TarraWarra Estate.

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